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Introduction Of Hot Melt Adhesive Resin For Bonding Polyethylene To Metal

Abstract: This paper introduces the background and key contents of the preparation of the hot melt adhesive industry’s standard HG/T 5607-2019 "Hot Melt Adhesive for Bonding Polyethylene to Metal". The standard combines the characteristics of hot melt adhesives for bonding polyethylene to metal in the application environment of composite pipes and the bonded substrate, classifies hot melt adhesives, establishes the standard system, and puts forward relevant technical requirements and corresponding testing methods, which provides a basis for standardizing the production, performance test and product acceptance of hot melt adhesive products and promotes the better development of the composite pipe industry.

1. Development Background

In recent years, China's plastic and metal composite new material industry is developing rapidly. Combining the advantages of metal and plastic together through metal and plastic co-extrusion technology, metal / plastic co-extruded products have the strength of metal and plastic corrosion resistance, and these products in wire and cable, automotive communications, aerospace and other fields are increasingly widely used. In the pipeline industry, the metal/plastic composite pipeline is developing rapidly by choosing the superior and the inferior properties of the material to maximize the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of the constituent materials. Such as wire mesh skeleton reinforced polyethylene composite pipe, steel reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe, plastic-lined steel pipe, polyethylene aluminum-plastic composite pipe, etc.

However, the bonding of plastic and metal has been the major problem in the composite pipe industry. Hot melt adhesive for bonding polyethylene to metal has effectively solved the bonding of metal and plastic through specific formulations and process methods, providing new ideas and methods for the study of bonding metal and plastic. Through the research and understanding of hot melt adhesive technology for bonding polyethylene and metal at home and abroad, there has been more in-depth research on new steel-plastic composite materials abroad, and some composite materials have been commercialized. Comparatively, the domestic field started late. Despite the rapid development in recent years, hot melt adhesive products lack of restrictions in technical indicators and market applications, and products also appear uneven quality and other phenomena. At present, the technical index and application scope of this field fail to fully meet the development needs of products and market, and a feasible product standard is needed to regulate and restrict.

In the international field, there is no corresponding international standards or foreign advanced standards for polyethylene and metal bonding hot melt adhesive products. But in China, there have been some standard involves the performance requirements of the hot melt adhesive, such as CJ/T 189-2007 “The Steel Mesh Skeleton Plastic Composite Pipe and Pipe Fittings, CJ/T 225-2011 “The Underground Drainage with Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Spiral Corrugated Pipe, GB/T32439-2015 " Steel Wire Mesh Reinforced Polyethylene Composite Pipes for Water Supply ", QB/T 5401-2019 “Multi-reinforced Steel-plastic Composite Pipes and Fittings”, etc. But for different fields of use of hot melt adhesive materials, technical requirements are very different, and there is no uniform standard. The product standard of hot melt adhesive for polyethylene and metal bonding is still blank, which affects the selection of hot melt adhesive products and restricts the industrialization promotion of products to a certain extent.

In order to meet the urgent needs of polyethylene and metal bonding hot melt adhesive, and objective evaluation of product performance, and at the same time to provide the market with advanced technology, reliable performance of the product, Banzan coorperate with the industry standard of hot melt adhesive products HG/T 5607-2019 " Hot Melt Adhesive for Bonding Polyethylene to Metal " was drafted. The standard has been formally issued and implemented in July 2020. It is based on the polyethylene and metal bonding hot melt adhesive as the research object and puts forward the relevant technical requirements and the corresponding detection methods. Based on the scientific, normative and operational principles, the standard combines the current situation and application requirements of the hot melt adhesive industry for polyethylene and metal bonding in China and stipulates the technical indicators and testing methods of the adhesive, such as its appearance, basic properties and dielectric resistance. The purpose of this standard is to regulate the market, promote the technological innovation of adhesive industry and composite pipeline industry, and guide the healthy and scientific development.

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