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Banzan group has majority manufacturing factory in Shanghai, China , and two flagship leading R&D center in Shanghai ,China, and Boston.MA North America. Banzan committed to community-based service since its founded in Shanghai at 2007. It has grown to become one of the leading adhesive resin providers in China domestic, providing services to famous China pipe manufactures such as CHINA LESSO Group, Goody Group etc. 

Banzan has vowed to work with all people surrounding the company with sincerity, placing prime important on integrity. In accordance with the faith, Banzan endeavors to ensure quality and reliability for macromolecular adhesives, thus enriching their production and helping them achieve milestones.

Creative approaches
to product and technology development
Navigating in Woods

One characteristic of Banzan its thoroughly rationalized quality management.  The key for this purpose is providing professional consultancy . Also, since 2012, Banzan has also been establishing the new R&D center in North American to take entire production quality to next level. 

Banzan services also to the changes in the needs and development of its domestic & global clients to provide them what they want ahead of any other macromolecular adhesive providers. This approach has been dramatically updated to keep up with the times, and new technology has thus far evolved as fourth phases.



By collaborating with leading companies in chemical industry such as SINOCHEM, SINOPEC, CNPC, MIT ILP, PPI etc., we have escalated our client-centric innovation to a whole new higher level to fulfil market needs.

Thanks to their strong support to Banzan's innovative research and product development, it ensures Banzan can always deliver high quality services and solutions to customers.


Officially approved to establish an academician expert workstation

In the future, Banzan New Materials will further leverage on the advantages of leading enterprises in the industry, assume the responsibilities of industry leaders, and work with expert teams to actively carry out decision-making consultation, talent training, technology research and development, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so as to enhance the internal and upstream and downstream industries of the new materials industry. Independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness have made new contributions to the scientific research and innovation process of China's new materials industry.

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