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GS Series™
Adhesive Resin

Designed for
Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe
Solar Panels

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aluminum plastic composite.png

Resin Performance

Growing lifestyles and plastic consumption require a wider variety of composite materials.

In order to achieve these requirements, materials have to be modified in proper ways, for example – grafting. Banzan adhesive resin in spite of adhesive property and polarity gained through grafting, which still maintains basic properties of polyolefin resins.

For this grade of adhesive resin, is especially suitable for multi layer sheet / / tube / pipe / panel and co-extrusion of polymer resins with aluminum, steel and other materials.

Specially designed for lap-welded and butt-welded aluminum-plas- tic composite pipes, which is coating an intermediate layer of adhe- sive resin between the aluminum layer and the inner & outer poly- ethylene layers, the inner and outer plastic layers are closely con- nected to the intermediate aluminum layer, which giving it an excellent composite effect.

aluminum plastic composite pipe.png


Properties of Adhesive 

aluminum plastic composite pipe chart banzan chem.png


Aluminum plastic composite pipe-Banzan.jpg
Banzan adhesive resin-Banzan chem.png

- Advanced composite adhesion
- Polyolefin properties maintained
- Compatible with polyolefin
- Advanced processibility
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Anti-corrosion property
- Excellent adhesion durability for long-term use

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