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Becoming a worldwide functional molecular material group

Banzan Group has developed a worldwide business to promote sales of various kinds of functional molecular material products and related technologies. The range from molecular material for construction and civil engineering (automobile industry, household appliance and packaging industry. etc.) to advanced thermoplastic composite pipe equipment for oil, gas, agricultural fields. 

Our business is one of the advanced material manufactures and direct-selling companies. It compares well with the leading global corporate groups of functional molecular material manufacture business in terms of manufacture, sales, project assurance on a consolidated basis.

Launching the flagship business

Our functional molecular material business started with the manufacture and direct-sale China-made products to import & export independent oversea research & Innovation Company.  As Chinese manufacturers moved to advanced production overseas, we launched new R&D center in North America at 2013, shifting from China regional based research & product sales and after-sales services to worldwide vision of advanced technology import from North American ,and manufacture in China.

Our construction equipment business started with the wholesale of Japan-made products to independent overseas dealers. As Japanese manufacturers moved production overseas, we launched full-fledged dealership operations in North America and Europe in the 1990s, shifting toward region-based product sales and after-sale services. Under our motto of "Think Globally, Act Locally," we localized management teams in order to respond accurately to customer needs. Currently, the most of our companies are lead by locally hired presidents. Moving ahead, we are now applying our experience and know-how from years of operation in developed countries to expand the dealership business in emerging regions, such as China, Russia and the Middle East. To further increase the value of the group's business, we are encouraging collaborations and best practice sharing among our companies.

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Offering round-the-clock

standby professional service

Material supply & quality is indispensable to our customers' businesses, so we have been dedicated to ensuring that the functional molecular material we deliver properly over the long term. We provide ongoing, timely, high-quality manufactures and after-sale services (product support), such as technique indication and troubleshooting. These manufactures and services are vital to increase our customers' productivity.

Our headquater is located in Shanghai,China, the city connect to the world. We focus particularly on dependable adhesive resin & film production and direct-sales. Our R&D team from China & North American perform on-site indication & optimization for the specific technique challenges. In North American, we collaborated with Thermo Fisher, a world-renowned laboratory provider, to set up a scientist laboratory. We support brilliant researches became to in-field & reliable technologies. We also support with appropriate and immediate service from a 24-hour standby after-sales service to ensure qualitative technology delivers. 

By offering the quality products and the right after-sale service needs throughout the entire pipe & film life cycle, our macromolecular adhesive and machinery  business aims to be the one-stop solution provider our customers can count on.


Client Centric & Innovation

Banzan has always adhered to independent R&D, technological innovation and “creating value for customers “as business philosophy to provide customers with from a full set of pipeline production line to key materials, connection, installation, life verification, intelligent operation and maintenance, standards, technical specifications and other overall solutions



They are essential to a full understanding of the wider concept of global sustainability to which we are all committed in the long term. We are put our faith into sustainability, and willing to have a better world.

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