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Adhesive Resin

Designed For EVOH or Polyamide in co-extruded blown film
Solar Panels

Our Banzan businesses are developing roadmaps to deliver net zero emissions across all of our operations by 2050

adhesive performance

This resin is a polyethylene resin modified by anhydride and high performance copolymer. The resin is white or yellowish translucent solid particles and can be processed by ordinary extrusion and co-extrusion equipment designed for processing polyethylene resin.

Silhouettes and View
Product Features

-  Advanced processing performance
-  Great bonding performance, strength and processing fluidity. 
-  Safety and environmentally friendly

-  US FDA approvement

Technique Information

Responsible development

We changes in the needs and development of its domestic & global clients to provide them what they want ahead of any other macromolecular adhesive providers. This approach has been dramatically updated to keep up with the times, and new technology has thus far evolved as fourth phases.


- Meat or cheese 

- Vacuum formed package

- The temperature of the food at the time of packaging would be room temperature

Advanced processing performance
Safety & environment friendly
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