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Adhesive Resin

We specialized products, ranging from adhesive resins to advanced composite piping technologies, have been broadly applied to municipal and construction works, household appliance and packaging, mines and oil fields, etc.

Adhesive Resin 

for Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Composite Pipe

Steel mesh reinforced pipe pipe is a composite pipe with polyethylene as the base, a mesh skeleton formed by continuous spiral

Adhesive Resin 

for aluminum

composite panel

Product characteristics.
Easy film formation, and uniform film surface, no crystal point, black spot and other impurity phenomenon

Adhesive Resin

for steel wires reinforced- polyethylene composite pipelines

Multi-reinforced pipe is a composite pipe made of polyethylene as the base material, steel strip and steel wire mesh combination structure as the reinforcing body...

Adhesive Resin 

for aluminum

composite pipe

High bonding power
Outstanding weather resistance, long service life
Good heat and water resistance


Polyamide in co-extruded blown film

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multilayer plastic barrier-type pipe, container, film

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Adhesive Resin
High-barrier Packaging 
Performance Resins
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According to the classification of Guoxin Chemicals, the organic silicon industry where adhesives are located has a +12% increase in revenue in the first half of 2020 


esides of the materials for plastic pipeline and reinforced layer, high-performance adhesive resins also are acquired in composite pipeline production.


Banzan adhesive scientific team analysis, starting from the aging mechanism of adhesive resin, based on the environment of plastic -lining steel pipes...


Hotmelt adhesive is a complicated physicochemical process. adhesive strength depends not only on the chemical structure of adhesive resin and material to be bonded but also on the bonding process conditions.


Strong adhesive strength

Great performance that builds the bridge between layers, and solves the problem of lack of connecting factor between them

Safety and environmentally friendly

Our mission is to the develop the true circular economy in order to achieve sustainable future, once our material has been used, it will not enter the natural environment



Adhesive Resin For AluminumPlastic_edited.jpg
Banzan Adhesive Resin
Designed for Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe
Banzan Adhesive Resin
Designed For steel Mesh Reinforced Pipe
Steel Ribbed PE Pipe Line
Next generation for drainage pipe
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