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The impact of Weathering-resistant hot melt adhesive resin - Part 01

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


During the production of plastic-lining steel pipes, hot melt resin/glue plays a essential role as an intermediate material between steel pipes and plastic. The adhesive resin aging often impacted by external environmental factors, which will affect the stability of the application of plastic -lined steel pipes. This article studies the aging mechanism of bonding resin, combined with the natural environmental factors of the production and application of plastic -lined steel pipes, and develops a weathering resistance bonding resin that meets different environmental conditions. By studying the weather resistance of hot melt adhesive resins, the stability and service life of plastic -lined steel pipes can be more accurate.


The plastic -lining steel pipe product is based on galvanized seamless steel pipes and galvanized welding steel pipes as the base tube. After removing welding tendons in the inner wall,

Lining the the polyethylene (PE) pipes,which has the same inner diameter of galvanized pipes. In China, the polyethylene (PE) lining thickness acquired to meet GB/T 28897-2012 and CJ/T 136-2007 standard, Adding pressure and heating at certain time for the forming, which is the traditional galvanized pipe,which been optimized. This kind of composite pipe not only has the better mechanical properties of high -strength, tough tensile resistance and compression of steel pipes, but also has the plastic pipes characteristics of super strong corrosion resistance and the limitation for growing microorganisms. It is an ideal pipeline as the transport medium for such acid, alkali, salt, and corrosive gases.

During the application of plastic -lining steel pipelines, it will be affected by environmental factors. With the differentiation of regions and climate, the stability of the composite pipeline application is quite different. Therefore, the aging resistance of plastic -lining steel pipe directly affects the application stability of the product. Generally, aging resistance includes: heat -resistant oxygen aging performance, optical oxygen aging performance, humidity and heat aging performance, and aggressive resistance.

The plastic-lining steel pipe is bonded with the plastic layer and the steel layer by hot melt adhesive resin. According to the product structure, each layer of overall composite system pressure resistance can organically cooperated or not , depends on the performance of adhesive resins,which plays the key role in loading process of composite pipe. In another hand, the performance of adhesive resin has direct impact on the application of steel-reinforced composite pipe product. Considering the use environment of plastic -lining steel pipes, the impact of environmental factors that adhesive resins need to take care, mainly include chemical factors (oxygen, ozone, moisture, chemical medium, and corrosive gases, etc.) and physical factors (light, heat, electromagnetic,,, electromagnetic,electromagnetic, electromagnetic, Radiation and mechanical stress). Different adhesive resins have different degrees of sensitivity to these influencing factors. For instance, the different environmental impact for the weathering- assistance is different, the combination of different factors or common effects also requires a variety of resistance to the bonding resin.

It is more important for weathering-resistant adhesive resin to promote the long -term application stability of the plastic -lined steel pipe in different environments while ensuring the the plastic -lined steel pipe structure stability, Therefore, with the development of the composite pipeline industry and adhesive resins technology, the weathering-resistant adhesive resin will become the first choice for the production of plastic -lined steel pipes, and the weather resistance of bonding resin will also become the main problem considering a plastic -lined steel pipe production enterprise.

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