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Adhesive Resin: A Key Material of Composite Pipeline in Production - Introduction

Shaohui Yang

Shanghai Banzan macromolecule Material Co., Ltd

The composite pipeline has been widely used in various fields of social construction with its excellent comprehensive performance. Adhesive resin, as intermediate material for linking different materials, plays a key role in the production and application of composite pipeline. Furthermore, the hotmelt adhesive property can effect directly product quality. It can not only help us to analyze and solve the problems in composite pipeline application by understanding and grasping the structure and the cohesive mechanism of adhesive resin, but plays a significant role in development and preparation of high-performance composite pipeline.

Pipeline can be divided into three categories: metal pipeline, non-metal pipeline and composite pipeline. Metal pipeline is made of metal, such as steel, cast iron and stainless steel, which can be corroded and destroyed easily by chemical or electrochemistry action of surrounding environment. Non-metal pipelines are made of non-metallic materials, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). Compared with metal pipeline, non-metal pipeline has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, small passing resistance of water flow, convenient installation and transportation. Plastic pipeline is growing rapidly and has been widely used as one of the non-metal pipeline. However, plastic pipeline has disadvantages due to the characteristics of its structure, such as high linear expansion coefficient, easily scratched surface, poor heat resistance, ring stiffness, pressure resistance, impact resistance and creep resistance. A single material for pipeline is difficult to meet the requirements of modern pipeline industry. Thus, composite pipeline which combines the features of high strength of metal materials and the corrosion resistance of non-metallic materials, was developed and had made important contribution to alleviating and solving the existing problems in pipeline.

Composite pipeline is composed of two or more different materials, which can not only continue to have the advantages of each raw material, also can make up for shortcomings of materials. To design the suitable pipeline, raw materials and reinforced methods are selected based on required performance of composite pipelines. Generally, the newly developed composite pipeline comprises three layer materials such as plastic, skeleton reinforced material and adhesive resin. The introduction of reinforced functional material can not only make up for the defects of pure plastic pipeline, but offer special performance in the process of using. The common reinforced material includes metal and non-metal such as steel belt, steel wire, aluminium pipe, EVOH and PA. Because of the strong polarity of these materials, it is difficult to bond with non-polar plastic pipeline materials (PE, PP or PB), even in the molten state. Therefore, hotmelt adhesive resin, as a key material of composite pipeline in production, is used to bond plastic layer with reinforced material layer.

As intermediate material for linking different materials, although hotmelt adhesive resin is a fraction of the pipeline materials, it plays a key role in the production and application of composite pipeline. An organically cooperative work of each layer in the whole composite system greatly depends on the adhesive property of adhesive resin. Adhesive resin contains polyolefin and polar functional groups two parts. Polyolefin can fuse with the non-polar pipeline material and polar functional groups can form chemical bond by complexation with metal elements in reinforced material. Therefore, adhesive resin showed excellent adhesive property that can directly affect product quality of composite pipeline.

The overall research articles will provide deep explaination & toughts to know more about the key material for composite pipeline production.

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